Brand awareness and recognition are facilitated by a visual identity that is easy to remember and immediately recognizable.

Visual identity triggers perception and unlock associations of the brand. Sight became the first sense that receive brand recognition than any other sense.

Through repeated exposure, symbol become the most recognizable entity for the brand itself. The brain acknowledges distinctive shape that make a faster imprint on memory. Color is second sequence, it becomes a mnemonic device, it can trigger an emotion and evoke brand association; so does typeface represent a voice of a brand.

Understanding the sequence of visual perception and cognition provides valuable insight into what will work best. There are four key elements that make the Ertri visual identity: Brandmark, Color, Typefaces and Supergraphics.


Logo or symbol is to represent the brand value, logo does the communication between the company and the consumer.

Beside the product itself, it is the first element that presents the service. Here it is again, logo is the most visible element of our identity, is a universal signature across all Ertri media communication.

Generally, logo concept is to communicate our value and service that showing a Legacy of Indonesian’s Manner mixed with Modern approach to represent eclectic values in a harmonies.

Brand Color

Typeface in Use

Fixed Logogram

Correct Usage